Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Know Why the Angels Dance On Sale

Quite a few of you have not read my book I Know Why the Angels Dance. Yet many of my readers think this is my best story.

I have put it on sale for $8 plus shipping, so while waiting for From the Mouth of Elijah and Liberator to be released, why not give it a try? Click here to go to the purchase page.

Here are two recent reviews of "Angels":

#1 - (Jeremiah Fear) Every Christian should read this book. Aside from the literary structure, which is almost flawless, the characters and the faith that Bryan Davis pours into this book are made of eternal things. The character of God is consistent, the faith of a child is both healing and convicting water to the dry, hardened soul of an adult. Let the grace of God melt your spirit back to the clay that He needs it to be, and this book will become more than a story, it will become a representation of God's grace to a world that desperately needs it. Bryan Davis is an amazingly intellectual person, as well as having a great imagination that makes his other stories shine in the world of fantasy, but this book glows in a different way than his other books; it glows from the faith of a child coming from the heart of a man who both knows God with his mind, and knows God with a deeply personal faith. Get out your tissues, and be ready to wonder at the marvel of the Almighty God, for this book is heart and mind blended together in a way that you will not soon forget. 5 stars Mr. Davis. :)

#2 - (James Ville) This has to be the most heartbreaking yet hope-giving, story I have ever read! It's the kind of book that will stay with you long after you read it. I finished it late last night and just thinking about it moves me. I will make it my goal to see that as many of my friends and family read this book as possible. Don't pass this book up!! You would be missing out on a huge blessing if you did. Thank you Bryan Davis for writing another incredible story that makes a difference in the world!


DioM fan said...

Did you base I Know Why the Angels Dance on a true story or was it all made up? And what inspired you to write it?

Bryan Davis said...

It is not a true story. A close friend of mine died as did a little neighbor girl. Then I had a dream of one of the story scenes. That inspired me to write the book.

DioM fan said...

Oh, that’s sad. I hope they were Christians. What scene did you dream, if I may ask?

Bryan Davis said...

Phil with Rose on the swing set, page 179. Also, John's Rose Dust eulogy.

Amy said...

I Know Why the Angels Dance is such an amazing book! I cried so much when I read it. It's really inspiring to me. Thank you, Mr. Davis!

Bryan Davis said...

You're welcome, Amy. I'm glad you liked it.