Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reapers Now Available at Amazon Canada

Reapers is now listed at Amazon's Canada website -

At this moment, it is showing out of stock, but I know that copies are is heading their way, because I sent the books there myself. :-)

I hope my Canadian readers are able to get it soon.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Forever Faithful

Forever Faithful

An angel trusted me that day. She appeared at the church entry door—dressed in white, veiled in mystery. Her dazzling smile weakened my knees and sent my heart racing. The music began, and so did an everlasting dance with this gift from heaven.

As she walked down the aisle with her parents, every step brought a fresh reminder. This young woman was getting ready to sever a mooring line to a strong foundation, to leave the security of a loving home. Yet, she displayed no fear. Indeed, her face glowed with anticipation. An adventure awaited, and she trusted me. Yes, she trusted without reservation.

The minister said, “Who gives this woman?” and her parents released her to my hand. The line had been cut, and she moored her vessel to a new foundation—untested and uncertain. Yet, she trusted. She grasped my hand without hesitation.

When we spoke our vows, I told her that I would be faithful to her, forsaking all others, for as long as we both shall live. I told her that my promise would last till death do us part. And my heart raced again. Would she believe me?

Her eyes looked into mine, sparkling, happy, fearless. They said, “I trust you with all my heart.” Then she promised her love to me, repeating the words, for as long as we both shall live. She attached her hope, her safety, her future to me, till death do us part.

Who is this woman who would forsake her foundation and entrust so much to me? Who am I to make such promises when I don’t know what the next day will bring, much less what the years will hold? Is this promise of faithfulness a fool’s dream, a hopeful leap into darkness?

No. Fools dream of promises they cannot believe. Darkness is reserved for those who carry no light. If this trusting woman felt safety in latching on to me, I wasn’t about to shatter her trust … ever. Not even a shadow would pass across the light we both carried. Her trust in me would never waver. Nay, trust would be solidified daily—firmer, surer, stronger. I would continue speaking my vows with my actions, my resolve, and my devotion. I will be faithful till death do us part.

What kind of man would turn from his bride to another woman? A scoundrel? A villain? A fool? Yes, all of these. Yet, he is something worse. He is a traitor. He has set a blade to the mooring line. He has destroyed trust. He has betrayed his bride and undressed her in public. He has made her into a fool for trusting her life to a ruthless cad.

This world whispers into men’s ears that they are animals, wild and restless, unable to bind their hearts to one woman, to nestle their heads in one bosom and be satisfied there. As men follow senseless urges, the whispers become shouts, and the lies become truth in the shallow minds of fools who follow the crowds. And their wives weep. There is no pain greater than broken trust, no pill so bitter as betrayal. They have become widows in heart.

My dearest, I have not listened to the whispers. I have not believed the lies. I have spurned the crowds, and I am being faithful. Till death do us part. And your trust continues. Thank God, your trust continues. No shadow has ever come between us and never will.

The journey continues. Years pass. Decades come and go. Children grow into responsible adults. They leave home and begin journeys of their own. Experience crowns our heads with gray and etches wrinkles in our faces. Our joints creak, and our bodies bend. We become beautiful only in the eyes of each other, for the mirror cannot see our hearts. If it could, the mirror, mirror on the wall would say that yours is the fairest of them all.

As the journey winds toward the sunset horizon, our hands stay clasped, because we know this truth—together we are able to stand, to walk, to finish this course, God as our strength and provider. In this faith, we have never wavered, and in this faith, we will never stumble.

A day will come when another angel will call, a deathbed visitor. A weeping survivor will grasp the hand of a failing spouse, and a final kiss will mark the end of this magnificent covenant. And then your trust in me will be validated. Our vows will be confirmed. I will be able to say, “I have been faithful to you always. The line was never broken. Although death parts us for a time, you are my forever friend. Thank you for believing in me.”

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Reapers Contest Begins Today

Reapers Contest - Summer 2014 (June 1 to August 31)

This contest is designed to promote Reapers, so the theme is remembering and honoring those who have passed from life to death and to resurrection.

The description is a bit complex, so please read carefully

To qualify for any part of this contest, the first step is to email me your name (or a pseudonym) to Include the following:

The name of a person who has passed away whom you would like to remember and honor. The person can be a relative, friend, military veteran, historical figure, or anyone else.

Also include whether or not I am allowed to publicly post the name of your honored person. This allowance is optional and will not affect your chances of winning.

Once I receive the entry, I will respond with a trivia question from Reapers. You will need to answer it correctly to complete your entry. A correct answer will put your name into the drawing for prizes. My goal is to send you your question within three days of receiving your entry.

Since the contest lasts three months, you will have plenty of time to read Reapers and answer the question. Feel free to look up the answer in the book.

From the pool of all entries, eight contestants will be chosen at random to win either (1) Their choice of any of my books, or (2) to be pre-publication readers for Omega Dragon. Those who choose #2 will receive an advance copy of Omega Dragon (date unknown), which they will get to keep. They will be asked to submit a short review statement that will be included in the front of the final version of the book, assuming that the publisher approves the statement as suitable for publication. One of these eight will also win the grand prize of this drawing, the sword and scabbard in the photo. This is not a new sword. I have used it in mock battles during my tours, so it has some flaws, but it still looks great.

Extra Prizes Entry Rules

To qualify for more prizes, include a description (Fewer than 1000 words) of the honored person and why you want to honor him or her.

Also include a photo of yourself posing next to a tombstone where your honored person is buried, OR a photo of yourself with the honored person when he or she was alive, OR any other photo of that person. If you want to send more than one of these photos, that is fine, but extra photos will not increase your chances of winning.

Please let me know if I am allowed to publicly post the photo(s) and/or descriptions. This allowance is optional and will not affect your chances of winning.

All entries, answered questions, and photos must be completed and sent to me by midnight August 31, 2014.

The extra prizes:

From the pool of those who submitted descriptions and photos of honored people, I will draw one person to win his or her choice of any of my books OR to be a pre-publication reader of Omega Dragon. Since the number of people in this extra pool will be smaller, those who participate will have a better chance of winning. These extra-entry contestants will also be including in the main drawing. The winner of this drawing will not be removed from consider for the cloak and staff.

I will also make a subjective evaluation of the descriptions and photos, and I will select the best entry to receive a Reapers cloak, such as you might have seen in our video trailer (, as well as a staff that can be used to battle against soul-stealing bandits. If you are never accosted by bandits, it will make a great hiking staff. That person will also win his or her choice of one of my books OR a spot as a pre-publication reader for Omega Dragon.

Above is a photo of the staff. It is 58 inches long, made of hickory, and feels quite solid. It is prepared as a hiking staff, but if you take off the rubber tip and leather strap, it could look like a battle staff.

I will contact winners by email during the first week in September. If the winners do not respond within five days, I will choose another person to replace that winner.

I reserve the right to add prizes along the way and to make necessary alterations and clarifications of the rules.

The contest will begin on June 1, 2014, and it is open to residents of all countries.

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