Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Poem - 2005

I hope I haven't bored too many people with my Christmas poems (assuming anyone's reading this blog at all). Here's the last one, this year's poem.

Carrying the Torch

My child, my heart, my soul’s delight
A precious gem extolled
He cannot grasp the aching love
My passion for his soul

Remembering not the day I took
His tiny hand in mine
And held him close to whisper prayers
So thankful for this time

He proves the rule that fledglings fly
And short is bliss enjoyed
He drops my hand and with a smile
He marches to the void

With heavy heart and empty hand
I scan horizons still
Awaiting news of pilgrim’s voyage
His progress good or ill

The future gives us only words
A promise strung along
And darkness lingers close when dreams
Are dashed by sirens’ songs

My soul reminds of other hearts
Who gave begotten lights
To shine their lamps in darker halls
Than those I fear at night

A Father cast His only Light
On this terrestrial ball
Though stripped and killed and tossed aside
Became the Light for all

My heart rejoices with the news
That darkness has no wraith
To overcome the power of light
In those who walk by faith

I gave this light into his hand
The morning of his birth
And stoked its fires daily as
He gazed into its worth

And now somewhere in caverns deep
Perhaps His torch he’ll raise
I trust its glow will keep my child
In step where angels blaze


desertfriend said...

you never bore because you are a deep thinker and i don't miss reading your blog.

BeckyJoie said...

Very good poem! I found it inspiring and encouraging as I too pray for my child this Christmas. By the way, my son read your books quickly and is waiting on the edge of the seat for the next one. The Lord is truly using your work for His Glory! Merry Christmas! Blessings on you and yours!

Alyssa said...

As desertfriend said, you are never a bore.
I enjoy your poems, and reading your blog. Merry Christmas and a happy new year. :)

Clefspeare said...

Thanks to all who have given such kind comments on this poem. It means a lot to me.

susanchristine said...

Although it is two years after you wrote this beautiful poem, I just wanted to say that your imagery and the power of your poetry is a light all it's own.

Beauty shows us the soul of God. It's beautiful. Thank you.

Susan Carroll

Clefspeare said...

Thank you, Susan. Your words are kind and encouraging.

Seeing your comment reminded me that I have to write this year's Christmas poem.