Monday, August 13, 2007

What about Billy and Bonnie?

I have been flooded with e-mails and message forum posts asking what happened to Billy and Bonnie, the two main characters from the Dragons in our Midst (DIOM) series. Apparently many readers expected to learn of their fate in Enoch's Ghost, the sequel to DIOM.

Enoch's Ghost is part of a new series, so it has new main characters. Billy and Bonnie are mentioned in the book, but other characters take center stage. Some readers weren't expecting that, so they were confused and/or disappointed.

Don't worry. I'm planning on bringing Billy and Bonnie back, but readers will have to be patient a little while longer. My next book, Last of the Nephilim, will continue to feature the new characters, but in the fourth book, The Bones of Makaidos, if all goes according to plan, Billy and Bonnie will return and play crucial roles in the story.

Please spread this news to other readers. I'm sure they'll be happy to hear it.


Kriegel said...

But leaving people in suspense is fun!

You've got us intrigued as always, Mr. Davis.


Pais Charos said...

Can I just skip LotN and go straight to BoM? Please?!?

Nah, just kidding. I don't want to miss anything with Sapphira - she's too awesome to miss out on :)

You must love keeping us in suspense :P That's ok - I'll probably do the same thing one day to any readers I may have.

Love you, keep up the good work, Mr. Davis!

Roheryn said...

I believe that Clefy LIVES off the suspense of his readers...
he must...

But that'll be awsomeful!

Kare Alethieas said...

That's going to be great...Man, I can't wait.

Pais- Not just Sapphira. Elam, Walter, and Ashley too. :P


Pam Halter said...

That's great! My daughter will be so happy.

I see I have some catching up to do with my reading. Well, vacation is coming and while my family becomes book orphans at that time, I enjoy it. :)

SDL said...

hey, that's great! my mom got kinda annoyed when Billy and Bonnie diddn't show. now i can tell her to chill.

Scott Phillip Appleton said...

Billy and Bonnie back will be great! But I, for one, wouldn't mind the series continuing without them. Saphira and Elam are such sympathetic characters and I love the giant. As long as the series continues and just keeps getting longer and longer I'll be happy! (I do hope you will write a series to continue this one, Mr. Davis) (:

Elizabeth said...

I enjoy all the characters, but I'm very glad to hear that Billy and Bonnie will be coming back. You created such tangible and personable characters so I got quite attached to them!


Dragon Girl said...

YAY! I love Billy and Bonnie! They just make the chemistry for everything. I agree with Scott Phillip Appleton: "(I do hope you will write a series to continue this one, Mr. Davis) (:" PLEASE?!?!?!?

OK. I'll stop rambling now.

BookBoy said...

I havent all the new books yet(enoch's ghost and stuff)but i for one cant wait untill Billy and Bonnie are back!!!!!

whats gonna happend to them in BoM?Man i cant wait