Thursday, January 03, 2008

Are you a Scrub Jay?

I'll never forget this hiking experience in one of Florida's scrub forests. We came upon a family of scrub jays. I had heard that, unlike most birds, they have very little fear of humans. That proved to be an understatement. Although we were out in the wild, they landed on our heads, hands, and shoulders, checking us out as though we were curiosities to be thoroughly examined.

I snapped this photo of my wife, Susie, with one of these beautiful birds perched on her hand. It remains as one of my favorite shots of all time, not only because both the lovely lady and the statuesque bird posed so nicely, it always reminds me of deeper truths.

Most flocks of birds will scatter when you approach, fearful that you will hurt them, though their fears are almost always unfounded. I, for one, would love to walk up to a bird and stroke its feathers and have it perch on my finger and sing a song. I have no desire to harm them. I only want to enjoy their beauty. But they fly away, ignorant of my desires to share the blessing of their presence.

I wonder if God feels the same way when people scatter whenever He wants to draw near. The Bible says that He seeks to be with us and rejoices over us, but some people fear His presence. They think He will punish them for wrongdoings. They are shivering sparrows who believe they are the next meal for an wrathful deity, so they fly away.

If a person is alienated from God, perhaps fear is justified. Perhaps wrath is to be expected. Yet, even some of those who have made peace with God through Jesus Christ are still afraid. They don't want to sit and sing songs of worship. They're still guilt-ridden or simply still accustomed to flying away.

Since I have been made a friend of God, I will never join the scattering birds. I am like a scrub jay. I want to fly to my Master's hand when I see Him walking down the lane, seeking to have fellowship with me. Even though my voice squawks like a scrub jay's, I will sit and sing my heart out anyway, because I have no fear of my Master, and I know He loves to hear my joyful noise, off-key or not.


Pais Charos said...

*hugs the photo of Mom* 2 more days!

Mr. Davis, thank you for this post. It spoke volumes to me when I most needed to hear it, and literally has me in tears.

I am a shivering sparrow, I'm afraid. I've been pushing God away (or is it pushing myself away from Him?), when I know He wants to be near me. I've barely read my Bible in the past month or so, and I haven't prayed much either.

I feel like God is sitting up in Heaven, just waiting for me to talk to Him, but I have no clue what to say to Him. *sigh* I know I've sinned recently, and because of that I just don't feel that there's anything to say.

Melissa said...

I feel I am not worthy of God's love, which I'm not. I also feel that I should not bother Him, because there are other people that I'm sure He wants to be with more than myself. And the fact that I'm annoying.

I feel that same way with people also.

S. J. Deal said...

What an awesome post Mr. Davis. I never quite thought about it that way before. I guess we can be like little birds can't we?

Pam Halter said...

Some days, I'm a scrub jay, singing without restraint or fear.

Some days, I'm a woodpecker, pounding and pecking, hoping to please the Master, but only making noise.

Some days, I'm the elusive Indigo Bunting, flitting from bush to bush, away from prying eyes.

But through it all, I remain God's child. And He still loves me. What a relief!

Kaci said...

Excellent post, my friend. 0=) And you're right; that's a marvelous picture. The writing that goes with it is equally beautiful.

Craig Snedeker said...

Awesome picture!! You gota' love wildlife!

Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more Mr.Davis. I have felt times where I have drifted from God, and times I have had a great bond with God. I marvel at how you have taken something and incorporated God into it. Thank you for posting this blog Mr.Davis. I believe it will further strengthen my relationship with God.

fiorinda said...

Wow, this is the 3rd confirmation I've had of this word that the Lord is seeking us, and it's us that is running away. This was the point of an incredible sermon I heard yesterday, then I had a Jason Upton concert on last night for background noise while I was writing and he said the same thing, and now I read your post. I suppose I should pay attention :)

The Lord has been teaching me this past year to not allow my fear to keep me from Him. I am almost to the point where the moment I find myself in sin I immediately go running to him. It's so good to know He loves me even when I mess up.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Davis: I really needed to see this today. You are such a great wordsman. Thank you for sharing. We love you Mr. Davis.

Bryan Davis said...

Thank you, Anonymous. You are kind to say so.