Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year?

I arose early this morning to work on The Bones of Makaidos and realized that it was now 2009. I am not one to stay up late or go to parties, so the dropping of the ball in Times Square is something I rarely see. I don't make resolutions, and I don't write down goals or expectations. I am such a pragmatist, it makes more sense to plan on a daily basis as life changes rather than to pick a particular day and make a contrived list that won't last.

Does that sound like a New Year's version of Ebenezer Scrooge? Maybe so. It's still pitch black outside this morning, and the figurative storm clouds I see on the horizon might be darkening my perspective, so please forgive the "Bah! Humbug!" grumbling.

Yet, the storm clouds are very real. If Barack Obama becomes president (no, it's not certain yet), I believe the next year or two could bring about the most significant and most damaging changes this country has experienced in its history. Christians, especially, will suffer.

I won't go into detail yet. I'm hoping for a miracle that will expose Obama for the evil fraud that he is, and he won't be sworn into office. If that miracle doesn't occur, maybe I'll post my dark forecast in detail. We'll see.

Although in the coming year Christians could suffer losses in a temporal sense, and we might suffer greatly here on earth, we will never lose hope. God will ultimately triumph, and all His enemies, should they refuse to repent, will be destroyed. And God's children, His holy ones who do not bow down to the idols of this world, will be taken up to glory.

Hmmm... It seems that dawn is breaking. Maybe it won't be such a bad year after all.


Caleb Schlamp said...

I think the next years--regardless of whether or not Barack Obama becomes president--will severely separate the "sheep from the goats." I look forward to them. My God is in absolute control.

Jessica said...

It's alright to be a bit of a New Years' Scrooge.

My family usually enjoys the company of one another, and then counts down to the new year at midnight. A drink to the New Year with sparkling grape juice ;)

We are not ones to make New Years Resolutions, however. Don't really see the point.

A tradition my family has started in past years is going to a hockey game on New Years (very Canadian, eh?). Although our team lost this year, they put up a good fight, and it was very close.

Happy 2009, everyone!


D. Gudger said...

Bryan, do you think the body of Christ needs to come up with a survival plan or rather a thrival plan should projected persecution and oppression break out under the Obama admin?

I feel so many "Now-that-he's-our-president-let's-support-him" leaders and congregations will be caught off guard. I so agree with Caleb that this is a sifting time. I used that sheep from goats thing alot over the last year.

Curious about your thoughts on this. I feel if the body of Christ will survive and thrive, we need a plan. I'm not opposed to the "institutionality" of the church falling though.

Bryan Davis said...

Caleb and D. Gudger, I agree that a time of sifting is on the horizon. Whether it comes because of Obama or by some other means, it seems that God may soon bring a refining fire that will burn away the chaff. In the past, He has used the forces evil to bring a sweep away those who falsely call themselves by His name, so I won't be surprised to see it happen again, perhaps very soon.

It would be difficult for me to engage in an open community survival plan at this time, because the sifting has not yet come. Would I be joining with those who might be the cause of the problem? That would be counterproductive.

I am making my own plans now, privately and with a few others I can trust. Then, if the sifting comes, I can seek out or welcome those who remain faithful in spite of the persecution. Joining hands with them would be an honor and privilege.

Anonymous said...

And we join you in prayer for this nation, Bryan. For dark it may well be when rivers of blood flow freely across our land.


Thomas said...

Dear everyone,

Does anyone seriously think that Obama's some kind of Nicolae Carpathia character that's going to tear the country apart? From some if the talk it sounds like it, but to be honest I'm more than a little skeptic. America has had some dark and shady times and God always pulls us through it. Just want to know your thoughts.

Galactic Overlord-In-Chief said...

Hi Thomas,

Well, speaking for myself, I don't hold Obama to be some kind of apocalyptic Nicolas Carpathia despot. I hold concerns that his policies are directed sharply in a Western European socialist direction that would cause our economy great harm and curtail personal liberties like the right to bear arms. But I'm not scared of him. His powers are limited, even despite the things he would like to do. And any American President is subject to popular approval. If he was to become unpopular, he would have a harder time carrying out his agenda, and his party would suffer losses in Congress. Presidents have ups and downs. In 1993, Bill Clinton came into office with a House/Senate majority of similar size as Obama has. By 1994, he was so unpopular, he had to hold a press conference saying he was still relevant. And then in 1996, he came back to win re-election. But the scandals that took place in his second term have permanently marred his chance for a positive legacy.

Obama will be no different. He is going to have to navigate the political waters like any other president, and if he overreaches, he will suffer.

- Jason

Thomas said...

Well spoken Jason.

If there are any other oppinions out there, I'd be glad to hear them.

A God-filled New Year to you all.

In Christ,

Tyler Kline said...

i personally think Obama will trick us by doing either seemingly good things, or nothing at all.

either way, he will have to keep everyone liking him in order to be re-elected. the problem i see is when he is re-elected. he will have nothing to lose, so to speak. i think that is when the dark clouds will roll in.

Kaci said...

I think the honeymoon's over, so to speak, as far as Obama goes. My iPod's busted, so I've been listening to the news at the gym, and already the tune's changed a bit. Not negative - but he's no longer the glowing hero anymore. Which I think is good. I wish people had started asking questions sooner, but at least they're asking.

At any rate - Honestly, we'll see. I'll keep praying for him, and that's about all I have to say on the matter.

As far as New Year's resolutions go, I think it's like my dad says. "If nothing changes, nothing changes."

bookworm said...

The main reason I wouldn't vote for obama is that he isn't against abortion. In my opinion, the murder of defenseless children is terrible.
-a huge fan

bookworm said...

Also, I think we should all pray that he is cured of his spiritual blindness (if that makes sense)