Saturday, March 14, 2009

Christian Book Expo - Reminder

Next weekend I will be at what is probably the biggest Christian author/public show in history. It's called the Christian Book Expo, and it will be held in Dallas from March 20 through March 22. More than 200 authors will be there ready to meet their readers. There will be book signings, panel discussions, writing workshops, and much more.

And best of all, it's free for people 17 and under!

Here are the two events I will be in:

Friday, March 20 5:00-6:00pm (signing, meet & greet 6-7 pm)

Saturday, March 21 2:00-3:00pm (signing, meet & greet 3-4 pm)

They are the same event, repeated. Here is the description:

Writing Workshop for teens with fantasy fiction authors Bryan Davis, Robert Elmer, and Bill Myers

Join fantasy fiction authors Bryan Davis, Robert Elmer, and Bill Myers for a fun and interactive writing workshop for teens. The authors will talk about their journey to becoming published authors, how teens can jumpstart their writing careers, and how their faith inspires their Christian fantasy stories. Pick up a copy of their latest books for teens with FREE bookmarks and get your books signed by the authors!

So, if you live in the Dallas area, mark your calendars and come on out. Even if you don't live nearby, it might be worth making the journey. Just think, 200 authors in one place. I will definitely be walking around the building hoping to meet a bunch of people.

If you want to know more, Click here for details.


Alex said...

Is it just me or does nothing like this happen (refer to conference and book expo)in Iowa?

Bryan Davis said...

Alex, I had several events in Iowa not long ago. They weren't like the Expo, but we had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish I was going....So many authors....I'm definitely gonna have to look into going next year.