Monday, November 16, 2009

More Audio Books in CD Format

My Dragons in our Midst and Oracles of Fire audio books have been available in MP3 disk format for quite a while. Now all eight books are available in traditional CD format, so they will play on any CD player. These would make a great Christmas gift for fans of the two series, and at only $20 for each book ($25 for The Bones of Makaidos), they are a bargain.

Click on the following book titles to see the audio book purchasing options:

Raising Dragons
The Candlestone
Circles of Seven
Tears of a Dragon
Eye of the Oracle
Enoch's Ghost
Last of the Nephilim
The Bones of Makaidos

Check out my shopping page for all my books. An autographed book makes for a unique Christmas gift. And all the dragons books are now available in hardcover, so they will last for many years.


Anonymous said...

Can you find the CDs on CBD?


Bryan Davis said...

Yes, they are on CBD. If you want traditional CD's, be sure that it says "Audio book on CD" instead of "Audio book on MP3 CD."

For example, here is a CBD link to the audio book CD for Raising Dragons:

Haley said...

Agreed, that is really cheap for audiobooks. <3 <3