Sunday, January 17, 2010

Starlight Book Trailer Updated

The book trailer for Starlighter has been updated to improve the animation for one of the dragons.

Starlighter is scheduled to come out April 1. It won't be long now.

For more information on the book, click here. To pre-order from me, click here.


Araken said...

Noticeable improvement in the dragon there. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

sososososososooooooooo excited for the new book!!

Anonymous said...

hey mr davis,with sapphira and elam from your orcles of fire book and coren and jason with your new inner starlight seems both used to be slaves and then realized their powers. sapphira fell in love with elam. and there were dragons in both. and now with you two new characters, it seems to be repeating the same story. is this true or is this going to be something completely diferent?

Bryan Davis said...

The new book is very different. Jason was never a slave, and he is well aware of his abilities. When you read it, you will see many other differences as well, including the behavior of the dragons.