Tuesday, February 02, 2010

New Review for "Angels" on Amazon

Someone posted a new review on Amazon.com for I Know Why the Angels Dance. I will copy it here.

(Five Stars) Bryan Davis Gives the World a Gift, February 1, 2010

By Ellen C. Maze "author of Rabbit: Chasing Beth...  (Montgomery, AL United States)
I Know Why the Angels Dance is a 5-Star book told in multiple points of view about a Christian girl who guides her best friend and her best friend's parents to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

MAIN STORY ELEMENTS: The first half of the book is told predominantly from 12-year-old Tabitha Hanson's point of view. Along the way, her father John Hanson is allowed a perspective and we begin to realize that he is due for a major learning curve. There are three atheist POV characters, 12-year-old Rose and her parents, the Graysons, who you expect to eventually, see the Light. But to me, the story seems to be mostly about Tabitha as an angel-type person who teaches and guides her scholarly Christian father to a more meaningful relationship with and understanding of God.

Rose's father, Dr. Phil Grayson, is an uber-intelligent man who resists God out of his extreme logical nature. Over the course of the book - and all the way to the very last page - Phil struggles to either prove or disprove God, and people who have similar mindsets may find this book helps them to understand God's ways.

AUDIENCE: Although marketed as a book for adults, I Know Why the Angels Dance could also be for children. 12-year-old Tabitha Hanson tells the majority of the story and her perspective is that of an angelic and faith-filled little girl who loves her daddy, her sister Sarah and Jesus. My 16-year-old daughter read the book and identified with it completely, so I think children as young as 13 or 14 could read it, especially if they are already Believers. Warning to parents, though, children die in this book - and their deaths are integral to the message of faith the book is bringing. Be forewarned.

THEOLOGY: is sound. Allowing for the addition of fiction elements in Tabitha's dreams of heaven and her visions of interactions with Jesus Himself, the basic Christian doctrine is adhered to all the way. The Narrow Gate, the One Way, are clearly described.

EVANGELICAL USES: When a child dies, this book may bring comfort to those who mourn: believers and non-believers. For a staunch atheist, this book may help him/her understand God as John Hanson and Tabitha share their faith with Dr. Grayson. And for people with strong faith, this book may be an opportunity to read a sweet story about people who love the Lord and long to be with Him. John Hanson gives a lovely eulogy at a funeral for a little girl that brought tears to my eyes. Bryan Davis was definitely anointed when he wrote that wonderful scene.

TECHNICAL: The book is edited flawlessly without the distracting type-o's many books have and the cover artwork is breathtaking. I found myself looking at the cover dozens of times during the reading to once again get the lovely child Tabitha's face in my mind again.

I hope this review has helped you in your decision to buy this book. I honestly do not think you will be disappointed.

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Nathan R. Petrie said...

Very in-depth review ::nods:: She's right ;) Well done to her and yourself Mr. Davis :)