Monday, April 26, 2010

Starlighter Tour Contest Day 12

Contest day #12

Please see these posts for contest description and rules:

Here is question #12.

What line did Marcelle utter that Adrian had used to forfeit his match?


Emma said...

"In honor of the lady's expertise, I surrender."


Lily Webster said...

I just finished Starlighter. It was very good, but I think that DIOM and OOF will always be my favorite. When is the next book in Dragons of Starlight coming out? And is there anything new about the movie plan? That was the one question I forgat to ask you on Saturday.
Thank-you for being a wonderful author.

Lily Webster

Bryan Davis said...

Emma is correct. Please send your contact info -

Several other people got it right as well.

Bryan Davis said...

Lily, the next young adult DoS book is scheduled to come out in February of 2011. There will also be two adult books, the first of which will come out in September of 2010.

Galadriel said...

September? Woot!