Sunday, February 13, 2011

Five Minute Writing Tip Video #1

I have begun a video series called "Five Minute Writing Tips" that I hope to produce regularly.

Here is the first one.

Feel free to share this with others. Here is the Youtube link -


Anonymous said...

With your books, you have opened and then captured you audience's desire to read.
Thanks for starting this video on writing. Perhaps, you can use your talent and influence to teach them to write. Although probably not has lucrative for you, it may well be more rewarding. I hope you turn into a comprehensive series.
A daughter's father.

Bryan Davis said...

Thank you, daughter's father. :-)

The Lord willing, I plan to make a long series out of it. We'll see how it goes.

Araken said...

Or, 4:33 Writing Tips. I like it!

Say, 4:33, isn't that a song from Woodstock?

Bryan Davis said...

Araken, I don't know.

Fantasythyme said...

Thanks for sharing your writingcraft tips in these videos. Many writers will benefit from your examples and the generosity of your time.


Palace of Twelve Pillars said...

An excellent video. I have a question for you, unrelated to the video, but a writing question.

Since you have now written a few series' , maybe you can answer this for me. I guess my first question would be do you plan ahead for how many books will be in the series? And my next question, how do you decide when one book will end and the next begin?

The reason I ask is I am in a bit of a quandry with a series I have been working on for a number of years. My original plan was for a trilogy. Actually the original plan was for a stand alone novel, but about halfway through I realized I wanted to know the back story and how did my mc get to the place he was. So I wrote a prequel that was about the generation before him. That is where my problems arose, the two mc's in the prequel won't let me go. I have completed the prequel, it is now visiting the copy editor and hopefully soon to be visiting publishers. I have mostly written a second prequel, but find myself nearing what I planned to be the end, but again the two mc,s along with numerous secondary characters are telling me there is more story.

So now I begin to wonder is there a fourth book here, should I try to combine this fourth with the original third. You see my quandry and a little advice would be appreciated if you have time. If you would prefer I can send this in an email or you can just email your response.

Bryan Davis said...

Palace, thank you for the questions. Yes, please send your questions by email. That way I will have it on file, and I can work on answering it offline. bryan (at) dragonsinourmidst (dot) com

Sage said...

Cool video! I hope to see 5 minute writing tip Video #124:-). I always imagined that you sounded different, but thats the same with every author:)>

Bryan Davis said...

Sage, thank you. I hope to make another video soon.