Friday, June 17, 2011

Song of the Ovulum Christian Bookstore Blitz

Purpose: To promote my new book Song of the Ovulum and help Christian bookstores.

Time: From July 2 through July 16.

Activity: Buy Song of the Ovulum at a Christian Bookstore during that time period.

Prepare: Call your Christian bookstore at least two weeks in advance of July 2 and ask them to order Song of the Ovulum for you. Some bookstores won't do a verbal order by phone, so you might have to go in to order it.

Report: When you get the book, report to me by email where you bought it. I have created a Google map with markers where people are buying the book. Here is a link to the map -

Reward: If you email me a scanned copy of your receipt, (bryan (at) daviscrossing (dot) com) I will send you an autographed adhesive label to put in the book as well as a Song of the Ovulum bookmark. The label will have a graphic of the Song of the Ovulum cover on it.

Other Rewards: I will visit as many of the reported (with scanned receipt) bookstores as I can during my fall tour. If I get 15 or more books reported for a particular store, I will buy pizza for those 15+ buyers when I come. Since my tour is nationwide, I should be able to get to almost any store except for Alaska and Hawaii. I am not guaranteeing that I will be able to do this for every store that gets 15 or more books sold at the location. I am saying only that I will do my best, and it depends on how close the store is to my tour route. If I can't make it there, I will come up with an alternative reward.

If you don't have a Christian bookstore in the area, you will be able to order from a Christian bookstore online at a special price. It won't count toward the pizza deal, but you will still receive the autographed label if you email your receipt.

Here is a link to the Christian bookstore's online ordering page for those who have no Christian bookstore in their area - Click here When the blitz begins, that page will have special low pricing for the book.

Family Christian Stores is participating by providing a 25% off coupon. Go to this link - and print out the coupon. Take it into a Family Christian Store and receive the discount for Song of the Ovulum.

Please share this information with as many people as you can--blogs, Facebook, Myspace, your email list, etc.


Anonymous said...

Cool. Can you pleeeeaassseee put song fo the ovulum on kindle. Right now I am at a missionary trip in philadelphia at a camp. Wen I go back I would like to read your book but my parents said I can only get it on kindle. I am a big fan of your books and would like for you to put song of the ovulum on book status. Thank you if you decide to and if you don't then god bless you.

Bryan Davis said...

Song of the Ovulum will be available on the Kindle soon after its release.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad! I pre-ordered Song of the Ovulum on Amazon three months ago!!!! Boy, makes me wish I waited.

Bryan Davis said...

No worries. I trust that we'll have plenty of participants.

need2read said...

What do you mean by a Scan Copy? I don't think my computer has a special scanner. Will a photo do?

Bryan Davis said...

A photo will be fine.