Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dragons at Costco

The Dragons in our Midst series will be stocked in Costco stores on a test-market basis beginning August 5 in the following locations:

Manassas, Virginia- Store #225
Auburn Hills, Michigan - Store #376
St. Peters, Missouri - Store #382
Livonia, Michigan - Store #391
Strongsville, Ohio - Store #625
Puyallup, Washington - Store #660
Houston, Texas - Store #675
San Antonio, Texas - Store #689
Greenville, South Carolina - Store #1005
Selma, Texas - Store #1006

If you live in one of these areas and you are a Costco member, please drop by and see if the books are there. Buy one as a gift or tell other Costco customers how good the books are. It would be great if we could make this a successful test market.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Davis! Do you think you could do it at the Costco in Burlington, Washington, as well? I think lots of people would buy your books from there (including myself!). ;) Thank you. _ Kristina

Bryan Davis said...


I have no control over which Costco stores carry the books. If the test market is successful, then maybe your store and many others will stock them.

Anonymous said...

Oh okay. I get it! :) Thanks and I am sure that this whole test market thing will go great. I know so many people who LOVE your books!! _ Kristina