Monday, January 16, 2012

Family Fiction Readers Choice Awards

Here is a place to vote for your favorite authors and books for works published in 2011 -

If you want to vote for any of my works, here are my books that came out in 2011 - Warrior, Diviner, Song of the Ovulum, and Third Starlighter. My series for 2011 are Dragons of Starlight, Children of the Bard, and Tales of Starlight.

I qualify for votes in these categories: Author of the Year, Novel of the Year, Series of the Year, Speculative Fiction Author, and Young Adult fiction author.

Please also consider voting for Amanda L. Davis as New Author of the Year. She also qualifies for all the other categories listed above. Her novel is "Precisely Terminated," and her series is, "The Cantral Chronicles."

In order to avoid splitting votes for my novels and series, may I suggest a way to vote for those of you who would like to support me? For novel of the year, vote for Song of the Ovulum, and for series of the Year, vote for Children of the Bard. Thank you for your support.


Gabe said...

these questions are off topic, but i don't have a facebook account so i cant ask them on your facebook...

when are you going to release the first of the "lost chapters"? that sounds ULTRA awesome, and it would be a great thing to tide all of us readers over until From the Mouth of Elijah and Liberator.

When is Exodus Rising going to be released (and if you don't know, and estimate)?

What is your favorite book you've written? (mine's Raising Dragons, The Bones of Makaidos, and Masters and Slayers)

and finally, what is your favorite dragon (from your books [mine's Clefspear])

Gabe said...

oh yeah, and:
you should do a survey asking which characters your readers are most similar to.

Bryan Davis said...

I hope to release the first lost chapter sometime in March.

I have no estimate for Exodus Rising. It's not on my radar screen right now. Too much to do.

I don't know what my favorite book is. It's like figuring out which of my children is my favorite.

I think Clefspeare is probably my favorite dragon.

Gabe said...

wow, thanks for your prompt answer! :)

Sapphira Ida said...

A survay would be cool