Thursday, March 08, 2012

Need Speaking Events in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky

I am looking for speaking events in Illinois, Indiana, and/or Kentucky for the week of March 19 to 23. If you have a school or homeschool group that would like a free author talk or writing workshop, please email me - bryan (at) daviscrossing (dot) com. Feel free to send this query to anyone you know in the area.

Instead of a big tour this year, I am hoping to do targeted mini-tours. If you want me to come to your area, I will need help finding several groups in the area that want me to give an author talk and/or a writing workshop. I speak for free, though with high gas prices, help with expenses is greatly appreciated, and I request the opportunity to sell books at all events. Also, my author daughter Amanda will likely come with me, and audiences often enjoy hearing her perspective.

Although I feel blessed when people ask when I am coming to a specific area, it doesn't help to ask unless you can provide help with getting a group for me, so please refrain from commenting if you are just asking when I am coming to a certain place. Thank you. :-)


Sapphira said...

i live in Indiana and there's a Barnes & nobles near were i live and they have authors come all the time that i know for a fact they read a chapter or 2 and talk.I can probably get there phone number for you.

Bryan Davis said...

Thank you, Sapphira. I am not looking for bookstore events. I need speaking opportunities at groups where I can sell my own books.

Sapphira said...

o.k ide say come to my co op but you have already been there

Star-Dreamer said...

I live in Central Illinois. :D My siblings' homeschool group would probably love an author chat. ^_^ I'll talk to my mom and find out more about that.

Also, I'm sure that my writers group (small though it is) would love it if you came to chat one night. We meet at a local family owned Christian bookstore (where your books are sold, I might add...) so that might pose a double opportunity.

Or perhaps you would like to do a book signing at the Eureka Public Library. :D Brock Eastman is here now (Friday March 9th) and seems to be doing well.

If any of those are of interest, let me know. I'll keep an eye open for other opportunities for you.

Bryan Davis said...

Star-Dreamer, please email me - bryan (at) daviscrossing (dot) com - and we'll see what we can set up.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I can come 2 it it dose not take to long for me to get to illinois.