Saturday, November 10, 2012

Book Prices Slashed

Christmas shopping? I reduced many book prices:

Dragons in our Midst series - $35 (four books)
Oracles of Fire - $35 (four books)
Echoes from the Edge - $21 (three books)
Dragons of Starlight - $30 (four books)

Individual books on sale:
Beyond the Reflection's Edge - $8
Eternity's Edge - $8

Nightmare's Edge - $8
Eye of the Oracle - $10
Enoch's Ghost - $10
Last of the Nephilim - $10
Song of the Ovulum - $10
Masters & Slayers - $10
I Know Why the Angels Dance - $8

Amanda's books - $10 each

Prices will stay at least this low through Christmas. Prices do not include shipping.

Here is my shopping page link -


Anonymous said...

Do you ship to Canada? Just wondering, because I want to get the Echoes From the Edge series sometime.
By the way, I was so excited to read the news about the graphic novel!! That's so cool! I think James Ville will do a great job on it. The concept art looked good.

Bryan Davis said...

I can ship to Canada, but I would have to charge more for shipping. Feel free to email me so we can discuss the options. bryan (at) daviscrossing (dot) com.

Anonymous said...

Random question for you, if you don't mind: you mentioned deus ex machina on your Facebook page, and I was wondering if something I wrote in my first book would be considered that. I have a character that gets captured and replaced by a look-alike, unbeknownst to the reader and the main characters, and the look-alike is later killed. The main characters, of course, are sorrowful until they discover it wasn't really their friend who died. Would that be deus ex machina or not?

Bryan Davis said...

If it's not foreshadowed at all so that the reader could track the possibility, then it would be Deus Ex Machina.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see. I foreshadowed a bit, but it might have been too little. I'll work on that.
Thanks for your response!