Friday, July 26, 2013

Huge Sale at My Online Bookstore July 27

Mark your calendars. On July 27, for one day only, I will slash all of my book prices to 50% off list or lower. For example, a set of four Dragons in our Midst books will cost $29 plus shipping.

The sale will begin at 6 am on July 27 and end at 10 pm the same day. Here is a link to my shopping page -

This will be a great time to buy Christmas gifts in advance for your favorite reader.
I have decided for this sale to allow U.S. orders only. Because of the expense and hassle to mail books to
other countries, I can't afford to do so at these prices.

I'll see you at my virtual store on July 27!


Lauriloth said...

Oh wow, I might have to take advantage of this deal.

If multiple are purchased is there grouped shipping or is it all individual?

Bryan Davis said...

Lauriloth, I can do either based on your request. If the ordering system charges too much for shipping, I will refund the difference.