Sunday, March 14, 2010

Starlighter Contest

My Starlighter book tour contest will soon begin.

The grand prizes are a handmade, elvish-style cloak, and a real sword, as pictured on the left. The first place winner will receive his or her choice between the two, and the second place winner will receive the other. The one who chooses the sword must be 18 or older or have written parental permission to receive it.

There are two ways to enter. If you come to one of the bookstore events on the tour, you can enter the drawing by entering your name and contact information. There are no other requirements. You can see the bookstores where I will be appearing on the tour at this schedule link - Click Here.

The other way is to watch this blog and be ready to answer questions from Starlighter. I will ask a question each day from April 15 to June 15, and the first person to answer correctly each day will be entered in the drawing. Once you are entered, you may not enter again. If you want to enter in this way, it's important that you read Starlighter soon.

The book's publisher, Zondervan, will be conducting a big contest as well, and I think it will also begin on April 15. When I hear the details, I will post them.

You can buy Starlighter directly from me - Click Here, or from the Amazon or links below. ($7.99 plus shipping)

Starlighter, Softcover

By Bryan Davis / Zondervan

Jason Masters doubts the stories he's heard about humans being taken to another realm and enslaved by dragons---until his brother disappears! Once through the legendary portal, he joins forces with a prisoner named Koren who's trying to destroy the "black egg of doom." Can they rescue the captives and save two worlds from destruction? 400 pages, softcover from Zondervan.
718369: Starlighter, Softcover


Unknown said...

Sweet contest, the cloak looks pretty sweet. Quick question, I'm going to be doing a book giveaway on my blog in a month or two, and I'm trying to figure out how exactly to do it. Anyway, the question is, how are you deciding who gets first or second? Thanks,


Bryan Davis said...

Every name in the contest will be written on a slip of paper, and I will draw one of the slips from a container.

Galadriel said...

I will enter said contest, for I really really would like a sword or cloak.

Araken said...

I am SO entering!

Chila said...

Very cool contest!

Galadriel said...

Can you show a closer image of the sword?

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Sweet contest Mr. Davis! Can't wait to finish Starlighter!
Seth, yup a slip of paper ;) Sounds so easy right? LOL You're going through with the giveaway? :D :D lol

Praise to He Who makes us strong,

Anonymous said...

Sounds FUN! Count me in!

Unknown said...

Just clarifying, if I enter when I meet you, I then cannot enter again in answering a question?

Bryan Davis said...

That's correct, Noah.

Unknown said...

Ok, and again, thank you for signing the books!