Monday, March 28, 2005

Embracing Change

I remember a day over 15 years ago when I told my wife that I had a funny feeling that things were about to change ... a lot. Well, during the following month, she became pregnant, I changed careers, and we moved from Maryland to Florida. So, now, whenever a funny feeling comes over me, she hopes it's just a rash.

That funny feeling is working overtime today, and it's not just a feeling. The gears of change are grinding in a very visible way. And these changes are big, exciting, and, in some ways, scary.

As the changes become manifest, I'll report them here and let you know how we're coping. If you feel so inclined, please pray for us. But don't worry. Our family bonds are stronger than ever. Our faith is rock solid. God's grace is ever present. We know in whom we have believed.

Bryan Davis


Sparkling said...

It's been over 2 (nearly 3) months since you posted this entry about emminent change on the horizon. The curiosity of your public is bubbling. What's the big news?


Clefspeare said...

I'm writing this on June 1, 2005. Look for a post by the end of the week, around June 7 or 8 telling about some of the changes.