Saturday, March 26, 2005

A New Creation

I spent a lot of time yesterday working on a new book project. Although I still have book four of the Dragons in our Midst series to finish, I wanted to get a couple of chapters under my belt for a new series concept. In many ways this process invigorated me more than the usual charge I get from writing.

Why? I think it's because I participated in the process of creation at it foundation. My favorite part of writing has always been writing something new. Editing and re-editing is the tedious part, and the toiling hours can be mind-numbing. But when I put new ideas on my computer screen and create a story, I feel the one aspect of the image of God springing from my soul, the art of genesis.

With the new series, this feeling has even more of a creative cutting edge. I am generating new characters, a new male and female protagonist. It's as if Adam and Eve are springing to life from my own imagination. God, a first-cause being, the ex-nihilo creator, has implanted in me the same ability. No, not the ability to form a physical man out of dust, but the capacity to form a new idea out of the dust of my mind. And when I place that man and woman in my new world, it is so exhilarating to be able to say, "It is good!"

Well, there is still much to do in this new world, so my Sabbath rest still lies in the future. I'd better get back to work!


Lynne said...

Oh wow. I REALLY can't wait for this new series! Creativity, oh yes, that is the image of God working in us. We were made to be creators, the children of our Creator. That's the Holy Spirit... this creative POWER. When you lose yourself in creation... that is where you touch God, deeply, outpouringly. It's why I'm an artist and a musician and sometimes a writer.

So I definately love your description, here. ^_^ Characters come to life.. our own creations... but hey, it's as they say, 'as above, so below, as within, so without'. It's all over the natural world and oh it has so much to teach us. We are meant to be partakers of the Divine nature. Glory to God!

Sparkling said...

He he... I'm still anxiously awaiting the 4th book. Hoping that the inspiration for this new series doesn't overshadow the finalization of the last one. =)

One question I have though, and it strikes me even more deeply now that i notice Bryan signs his blog posts with the name Clefspeare... Why, in the books, does Clefspeare totally and completely disown Billy as his son? This does not even make sense. If Billy is indeed half dragon then Clefspeare is indeed Billy's father (whether having been in human form or not regardless). If Clefspeare is NOT Billy's father (as he claims so adamantly in his dragon form), and Jared is truly completely lost, then Billy is NOT half dragon and should not manifest those characteristics in his physiology. We're in the 3rd book now and it has bothered me since book 1 that Clefspeare just disconnected himself from Billy and indeed also from his wife, in this way. Beyond the emotional bond here (which I think really is what is bothering me the most) there is a physical and genetic element to account for. I'm hoping that as we reach the end of this 3rd book the phenomenon will be more adequately explained, or else Clefspeare will repent of his hurtful words and claim Billy as his rightful son once again.

I'm willing to wait through to the end of the books to find out the answer, but I'm really frustrated by the apparent callous, distant and unloving feeling that I get from Clefspeare at this time. Which brings me back to the observation that you use Clefspeare as your alias, Bryan. You haven't abandoned a son somewhere in RL have you? ;) Just kidding. Embrace light of love God has given you, claim the blessing of the child God has granted you. For children are blessings from heaven. Clefspeare is disowning his own blessing of God by distancing himself from Billy.

Just my personal perspective on the matter. Maybe I'm completely missing the point. =P

Blessings to you!

Clefspeare said...

You're not missing the point at all. Clefspeare, indeed, has not acted properly with his wife or son. He has much to learn.

Why do I take the name? Because the journey of Clefspeare/Jared reflects my own journey, not in disowning a son, but rather in not having a proper relationship with the Son until I was 25 years old.

As you have obviously noticed, the overarching story of all four books is the relationship between Billy and his father, how Clefspeare will ultimately deal with his dual nature, and what his final decision will be regarding his humanity.

Never fear. The story will deal with all of these. You will get some clues to the outcome in book three, but the conclusion will not come until book four.

Ellie said...

Wow, I feel exactly the same way when I write! Creativity is a wonderful gift from God!