Friday, January 06, 2006


Regarding my previous post, I called the Wycliffe office and asked for my friend's contact information. Instead of giving that to me, they sent my contact information to him. He e-mailed me the same day.

Yes, this was the man I had prayed for. He remembers the miracles and how God revealed His grace, power, and mercy. He called himself "stiff-necked," but now he is following God with all his heart, helping with Bible translators in Southeast Asia.

Praise the Lord!


Becky said...

Bryan, that's a great "ending" to the story.


Alyssa said...

All I can say is, Rock on!

Kyndra said...

That is so awesome! I think it's so cool that Jesus can set up stuff like that! We sometimes don't realise it, But we effect so many people's lives every day. It just depends on you to decide whether you'll be christlike, or complaining and degrading.


Audacity said...

Praise God! That's an amazing story. I'm enjoying perusing through these old blog posts, and for no small reward! Thank-you for you generosity in sharing with all of us out here! :)