Monday, January 09, 2006

What Can I Offer?

When I consider my presence on the web, I realize that most of the content is about my books and about me. There's a simple reason for that. I know about those subjects and can write about them easily. But I would like to do more. I would like to provide content that will help people, besides the pontificating and venting I do from time to time, which might provide a little inspiration.

I don't really have any writing tips that aren't already published in a dozen different books or websites of other writers. I'm not the best writer around, so aspiring writers have better options when it comes to getting the tools to tweak their own writing. I have some tips about being a father and husband, but I have already written books that pretty much cover all of that.

Until I come up with some ideas for more helpful content, I suppose it would be best to continue with what sets me apart as a writer and and continue to dwell on those topics. My readers know, or at least can sense, that I believe in writing about positive role models for my Christian characters. I don't like the sinful stereotypes that so many novelists feel they have to infuse in their characters. Our journey in faith is one of victory, not wallowing in sinful self-defeat. This, I believe, makes my stories unique, and I will continue to write about this passion.

If anyone has any ideas about what I can do to provide more practically helpful content, I would be glad to listen.

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BeckyJoie said...

I think your content is superb already. Just write about your daily life and victories as a writer and a Christian. Keep writing about the characters in your books. I think your content is good!