Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fewer Posts

For the few who read my blog, I'm sure you've noticed my lack of posts. During my midwest tour, my father, who suffered from a terrible brain disease, passed away. I spoke at his funeral service and read this poem I wrote for him:

When Heroes Die

Bryan Davis

When heroes die on bloody fields
Or ships on foamy seas,
Parades of mourners doff their hats
Saluting golden deeds.

For sacrifice deserves the praise
From those who freely stand
Unshackled by the hero’s touch
To live in freedom’s land.

Yet soldiers marching home alive
So rarely hear our cheers;
Though sacrifice continues on
Throughout their golden years.

As fathers they lay down their lives;
Their daughters they protect.
They build new heroes in their sons
To follow in their steps.

As husbands they reflect the Christ,
Our savior from above.
They honor, cherish, give their lives
A sacrifice of love.

The tales say soldiers never die
From hither to beyond;
They merely fade from flesh to dust
And rise again at dawn.

And I for one declare this truth;
This hero lives still now.
His heart resounds within my breast,
Reminding me of how

He pushed my shaky bike and then
Released me to the wind.
He picked me up and dried my eyes
And swabbed my bloody shin.

But heroes never mourn a fall
And wallow in their tears;
This heart I’ve gained has taught me how
To rise and conquer fears.

So cheer this soldier’s homeward march
Whose fragile shell grew old;
Now broken, gray, and motionless;
Now lifeless, dark, and cold.

But soldier heroes merely fade;
They rise when trumpets call.
A hero’s heart cannot be stilled
It beats within us all.

For sacrifice can never end;
It multiplies and thrives
‘Till trumpets sound that last shrill note
Concluding all our lives.

And then in triumph we’ll ascend
For finishing the course;
We’ll see the Hero Son of God,
The sacrificial source.

So now we bury but a shell,
Our hero’s aged cocoon;
We know from heartbeats in our breasts
We’ll see our hero soon.


pam halter said...

Please accept my sympathy on the loss of your beloved father. Your poem really touched me, and I could see some of my own dad in the words.

I pray the Lord of all comfort will fill your hearts and bring your family to perfect peace.

Mirtika said...

While I may have already, generally, offered my condolences at ACFW, I wanted to say that I'm sorry for your loss and grief (and know how awful it is to lose a dad..and a mom). I know your father was honored by your words, poetic and otherwise, at his funeral.

God's blessing on you and your family.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you for sharing your poem. I heard the wisdom of Merlin and the heart of a loving son.

Brandy of The Building Brows

Crystal said...

What a tribute for your father, a fallen hero. I'm so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathy.

I just now found your blog. I hope to catch up and that you will be posting more.

Prayers for your writing. We need more books like yours.

Erica Rodgers said...

Your poem is beautiful. I heard all of the pain and sorrow of loosing a loved one, but more powerful was the resounding hope and grace of our continuing life in Christ. Thank you for posting something so personal. It resonated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Davis. I love that poem, Legossi showed it to me shortly after the funeral - a beautiful tribute. Never forget that I'm praying for you.

Dan T Davis said...

Hi Bryan. Your brother Dan here. The videos for Dad can be found by searching "Dan Allen Davis" at YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Davis,

I am really sorry for your loss... I have lost some people I have loved before, and I know how it feels... Your poem really touched me. You have an AMAZING gift of writing, and I hope you continue with it!


David said...

This is a truly awesome poem, full of truth and emotion and passion. I was not aware of your loss, but share with you any encouragement you might anytime. I once wrote a poem called "Line in the Sand" which said much the same as this. I took a slightly different tact, so there is no comparing the two, but each of us speaks most clearly in our pain I think, than when we speak from comfort. For when we speak from our pain God gives us the needed comfort. David Brollier

Eve said...

What a joy to remember such a father.

I have a question-totally off topic. I am a new writer. I have finally come up with a story line that is flowing. It's in the Christian fantasy fiction genre. I am currently struggling with the validity of being a writer in light of eternity or of being a reader for that matter. I'd be interrested in hearing your comments on this, if you would be so inclined. Thank you. Eve

Clefspeare said...

Eve, you wrote, "I am currently struggling with the validity of being a writer in light of eternity or of being a reader for that matter."

I believe the fantasy genre is the most powerful way to communicate spiritual truth, so being a writer is certainly a valid choice in building God's kingdom. I have heard from thousands of readers who have reported dramatically improved spiritual lives from reading my books, so I think this career and ministry path has been validated many times over.

Is that what you were asking me to comment on?

Eve said...

Thank you for your quick reply and encouraging words. God has been sending similar encouragement all day from His Word. I know that fanasy fiction books have been a great source of being able to better picture the invisible.

It's been good for me to question my motives (fame, identity, etc.?) and to re-allign them to God's desires for my life. Since He bought me, I am no longer my own.

Thanks again, Eve
(I'd love to get a hold of your books some day. I haven,t read these yet:)

My blog, Flight of Fantasy, is found in the Dragons, Knights, Angels Web Magazine (

WtB said...


Sorry to hear about your father. He sounds like a great man. I lost my grandmother two years ago. She was very much the matriarch, a dear soul, and loved by all.

I wrote this poem at her funeral.

Finally Free

Ninety-one years weigh heavy upon me,
Just a gray shadow of what I once was before.
Sons, daughters, dear ones before me,
Saying goodbye,
and I close my eyes,
and wait for Him to open the door.

The burdens are many but I am not afraid
Not sin, not sickness, or death.
Suddenly I hear my Shepherd’s voice calling,
I say goodbye,
And I close my eyes,
And finally let go my last breath.

I closed my eyes and I heard a sound
Like chains falling to the ground.
And I open my eyes and I see…
Rolling green hills and eternal sunshine,
And I know, that I’m finally free.

So many mysteries I’d left in God’s hands,
In the blink of an eye, I understand.

No dream of heaven, I’m finally there
To live in the home that Jesus prepared.

At last, I am finally free.

I think for a moment
about the ones left behind
and pray they will see
the hope I want them to find.

Weep for me but not for long
For I have a body that is nimble and strong.
When you sing Amazing Grace for me,
Thank the Son and see,
Rolling green hills and eternal sunshine,
And know, that I’m finally free.

Take care, bro

-wayne thomas batson