Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Back in the Saddle

After an arduous book tour, I'm finally home. I did about 115 talks during my tour, and the process took a toll on my health--not as bad as last year, but I have a cold, and I feel pretty drained. Thank you to those who prayed for me during these difficult days.

Now I will rest for a couple of days rest before getting down to the business of writing my next book. I would appreciate it if some of you kind souls would continue to pray for me. I need God's protection and guidance as I try to write books that will please Him and extend His love and grace to thousands of readers.


Dona said...

Bryan: Welcome home. I have "strolled" past your blog several times during the last few weeks, noticed you're not back yet, and said a prayer. I pray too that God may bless your next effort.


pam halter said...

I'll pray, too, Bryan.

By the way, I got one of the DIOM hoodies for my daughter and it looks GREAT!

pam halter <><