Friday, December 22, 2006

Goals Update

Enoch's Ghost is now at about 23,000 words. My goal was to get to 40,000 words this month, so, based on the number of days in the month, it might look like I'm behind. Not really. I had a couple of local appearances to do early in the month and had to make a trip to Tennessee, which made it impossible to write during those days

Also, the beginning of a book is the hardest part to write, so now that I have the story well underway, and I have no more trips or appearances in December, I hope to make that 40,000 word goal.

In the physical fitness category, I am back up to four-mile runs, so I feel good about that. I hope to stretch those to five miles in the next couple of weeks. In weight lifting, I'm doing multiple reps with with 210 pounds (free weights) and expect to move up to 220 within a week or so. I will test this weekend to see what my maximum is.

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