Monday, December 18, 2006

Signs Update

I hope you're not getting tired of reading about these strange events, but they seem to keep coming. Just a few minutes after the latest "dime and two pennies" incident, though I didn't find out about it until this evening, another one occurred. My youngest daughter searched for her old purse, wondering if she had left her long-lost watch in it. She had not seen this purse in over a year.

When she found the purse, it had exactly three coins in it, no more, no less. Yes, one dime and two pennies. Strangely enough, the dime was silver (pre-1965) and the pennies were the wheat mark variety (pre-1958).

While I was jogging today (my most effective story idea generation activity), I figured out what the coins are all about. I was so excited, I hurried home and wrote it all down. I told my wife, and she agreed that there is no doubt about it, and the answer is really cool, a perfect idea for my story.

No, I'm not going to tell yet, but it will be in Enoch's Ghost.


Connie (Iluvhorses) said...

You gotta stop teasing us like that!! I have to wait...6 months to find out what the dime and two pennies is all about and how it relates to EG!! And even longer to find out about other stuff....

*sighs* I guess I'll have to be patient...and it will be worth the wait! ;)

Megan Kei said...

I envy you, truly. I want to be an author when I'm older. I'm writing a book right now, but between school and, well, life, it's kind of hard to fit in time to write in my book. Ideas flow from my mind like a flood, but they don't always find their way to the paper in time.