Friday, September 26, 2008

Motiv8 Contest - Second Assignment

The second assignment for the Motiv8 contest is a quiz. The first three people to answer all questions correctly will get 75 points. Everyone else who answers all correctly will get 50 points. These will be hard for those who haven't read my books.

1. In Eye of the Oracle, what is the name of the Naphil who operated the elevator for the underborns?

2. In Last of the Nephilim, what is the name of Greevelow's wife?

3. In Enoch's Ghost what did they call the oracle that showed where people went in the afterlife?

4. In Beyond the Reflection's Edge, what was the mascot for Kelly's high school?

5. In The Candlestone, what was Dr. Conner's first name? (Bonnie's father)

If you respond and get one or more answers wrong, I will let you know which ones so you can try again. I will do my best to reply quickly.

Please email me your answers - bryan (at) dragonsinourmidst (dot) com

The deadline for answering the quiz questions is midnight Sunday night (September 28).


Jordan said...

Should we be posting our answers in a comment here, or should we be emailing them to you?

Bryan Davis said...

Sorry, jordan. I forgot to add that. I edited the post to request email responses - bryan (at) dragonsinourmidst (dot) com

Jessica said...

I am really busy today, hopefully I will have enough time later today to look up the questions, but then I am gone for the weekend.

I love these, I know you are busy, but I would love it if you could do a few more before the end of the contest.