Friday, September 05, 2008

Ryann Watters Contest Winners

Eric Reinhold, one of the Motiv8 tour authors, has announced the winners of his blog contest.

Here are excerpts of what the note he sent to me:
I decided that in addition to the grand prize winner, that in honor of the # 8, we would have “8 Runner-ups.” Everyone had the correct answers!

The Winner is: Andrew Knowles

The 8 Runner-ups are:

1. Connie Wolters of Virginia
2. Nathan Petrie of Kentucky
3. Ericka (estormgirl12) of Ohio
4. Noah Arsenault of Washington
5. Caitlyn Cauley of North Carolina
6. Lori Ann Weldon of Missouri
7. Megan Nisly of Connecticut
8. James Klousia of Missouri

Thanks again for participating and enjoy your prize!


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