Saturday, October 04, 2008

Movtiv8 Tour - Day One

The Motiv8 Fantasy Fiction tour began yesterday with a great stop in Abbotsford, British Columbia. First we spoke to classes at MEI Middle School, then had pizza with students who won an award for writing a book report, and finally had a wonderful assembly for students and parents.

Christopher Hopper was our master of ceremonies (he's a natural for that!). First the Miller Brothers, authors of the new Hunter Brown series, spoke. They shared funny stories about how they grew up with tales of adventure and how that led them to write. Donita Paul told a story about how truth was better handled by hearers if it was wrapped in the clothing of story telling. Jonathan Rogers explained how fiction is such a great vehicle for leading readers to the goal of learning. I told two stories about how God taught me how He was leading me through my writing journey.

Finally, we took questions from the audience, both in the room and on-line. Remember, we're streaming every event we can to the Internet. You can see our events at this website. Please take part!

One non-tour note that I want to add: Remember that October 1 marked the launch of Marcher Lord Press, the new publishing company dedicated to Christian fantasy and science fiction. Marcher Lord Press is the brainchild of Christian publishing industry veteran Jeff Gerke. Be sure to head on over to to take advantage of the free bonus books being given away with the purchase of Marcher Lord Press novels. See also the great prize giveaway and other Launch Day fun.


Jessica H said...

Thank you so much for coming to Canada, it was such a great evening. I really don't know where to start (I really enjoyed everything). Christopher Hopper is a natural at being a MC. Although I was a *little* disappointed that Wayne wasn't able to make it, I understand completely.

I could probably write quite a bit more, but I will finish up now saying that I hope you are able to come back next year, and thank you again.

Ian said...

Thank you again for coming!

I really like the first story with the $50. Donita's story was also funny.


Jessica said...

Oh! I also ordered a couple of the Marcher Lord books. I will let you know how they are ^-^