Friday, February 20, 2009

Final Reviews Before "Bones" Release

I have three more reviews from pre-publications readers of The Bones of Makaidos. Now we wait for April 1. Only a week and a month until the book is released. I hope readers are as excited as I am.

The Bones of Makaidos is brilliant! It's amazing to see how God worked through each of the characters and how they have grown in faith, courage, and love throughout their adventures. If you don't think the Oracles of Fire series can get any better then think again, this book outdoes the rest! Prophesies are fulfilled and any questions from the last seven books are answered. The Bones of Makaidos is my favorite of Mr. Davis' books and I know it will be yours too.
—Taylor Ward (Age 15)

The Bones of Makaidos is a fitting end to the best series of books I have ever read! If you have read any of the books in the Dragons in our Midst or Oracles of Fire series this one is a MUST read. While I read I felt like I was in the story itself, crying with them, laughing with them, fighting with them. In the ultimate battle of good versus evil I felt joy at surprise reunions and sadness over the loss of loved ones. In the end I was left with a happiness that can only come from experiencing God at work in this world of ours. The Bones of Makaidos provides a Happily-Ever-After ending that is like no other and will leave you as the reader longing for an adventure like this.
—Rachel Tettleton (Age 16)

"I want you to win my heart. I want you to fight for me, sweat for me, bleed for me. I want you to know that you had to pay a valuable price for me, and that I am a treasure in your mind . . ." The Bones of Makaidos captures the hearts of readers, brings them into the lives of all the characters, and shows that God is always there and if you have faith he will reward you. I would recommend this book to everyone I know and think that every one would come out with a new light shinning in their eyes.
—Kendra Williamson


Anonymous said...

Is the quote in the last review from The Bones of Makaidos? If it is, I wonder who said it? I shall have to find out when I get the book!

Kirsten Erin said...

Okay that last quote totally piqued some curiousity in me. I'm guessing it's from the book, and if so. Wow! It's beautiful!
I can't wait to read it in its context.

Bryan Davis said...

Yes, that quote is from "Bones."

Ian said...

I want it so badly!!!

Don't worry...I think that the readers, at least some of them, might be MORE excited than you!

If all goes according to the current schedule and plan, I should be able to get a copy a few days before April 1st...but the wait is still killing me!! I MUST read it!!


Nathan Petrie said...

how's the FB release party coming?

Nathan Petrie said...

I'm guessing it's a quote from God

Glorywings00 said...

WOW. That quote is pretty powererful...
I have never waited SO LONG for a book in my life!
FB release party? What is that?

Scott Appleton said...

Bryan, Thought I'd let you know Amazon sent an email that says TBOM will be released March 12th... That's getting very close!

Kriegel said...

I was browsing on Amazon and saw that they have the release date for The Bones of Makaidos as March 12.

What do you think accounts for the date difference? Does Amazon simply have the date wrong? (That's my guess.)

Bryan Davis said...

Scott, I don't know why Amazon is saying that. They are incorrect.

Jessica said...

I feel fortunate that my classes end on April 1st. I do have exams, but those are not as worrying as projects that are due.

This way I can read your book once I get it, and not worry about the 'long wait' since I have so much to do ^-^