Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Reviews for The Bones of Makaidos

Bryan Davis has revealed through Dragons In Our Midst and Oracles Of Fire an adventure set apart, and this final book is no exception. In this final volume, everything falls into place beautifully, and its message of faith and bravery is one to treasure. Like all of his books, it carries profound real-world messages of faith and truth. The Bones Of Makaidos is a tale of love, courage, sacrifice, and redemption; a wonderful end to an awesome series. Both Mr. Davis books and his personal example have inspired me in my faith. Having been drawn into the adventures of Billy, Bonnie, and the others since Chapter 1 of Raising Dragons, all I can say is: What a ride!

-T. McCarville (Age 18)

The Bones of Makaidos is, in my opinion, the best book that Mr. Davis has written yet! The events in this book left me bewildered, and they completely change your outlook on this entire series. A lot changes, but that makes it even better. It's a work of art!

-Anna Bjella (Age 13)

Bryan Davis has done it again! I knew Mr. Davis was an excellent author, but I was amazed to find myself double taking and rereading pages as my jaw dropped. You will be up late into the night reading The Bones of Makaidos telling yourself, “just one more chapter” over and over again. Possibly Mr. Davis’ best yet!

~ Jacob Eggert (13 years old)

This book is absolutely amazing. It's thrilling to join in with all of these character's adventures, once again! I can't keep my hands away from the book. The Dragons In Our Midst/Oracles of Fire series always gets better and better each book. It's sad to know that this will be the last one, but it's great anyway! A must-read for sure!

After reading the rest of the Oracles of Fire and Dragons in our Midst books, I find The Bones of Makaidos to be a smashing ending. It's so nice to find not one, but two book series that are so enthralling, adventure-packed, inspiring, and God honoring."

Rebecca Vath - Age 16


Anonymous said...

It sounds so interesting!
I can't wait until I get my hands on that book! (Que evil little laugh)
Everybody seems to be making a really big deal over it!
Mr. Davis, is it really the last one? :(

Kirsten Erin said...

Ahh! Must you tease us with these outstanding reviews?!
Wait! Don't stop!
I still want to hear them, even when they're so amazingly torturous.

Kirsten Erin said...

Oh, and I wanted to let you know that I used a quote from Tears of a Dragon in pt2 of my series- The Power of a Woman.

Katie G. said...

Wow, they all make the book sound so good! I can't wait to read it!

Fluffylopbunny said...

This is only making me bounce in my chair even more! I can't wait for The Bones on Makaidos to be out!

Anonymous said...

The reviews look awsome! But, I see a TYPO! In Anna's review it says,
"The Bones of Makaidos is, is in..." :p
(Double 'is')
The book was great! I can't wait to talk to people about it and post reviews and...
:( knowing what happens is almost as bad as not! Lol.
<_< April 1st...