Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dragons Audio Books now on CD

The four Dragons in our Midst audio books are now available in the traditional CD format. Before now, the audio books were in single-disk, MP3 format. That was great for playing on computers and copying them to MP3 devices, but they wouldn't function on many normal CD players.

Since the package has up to 10 disks instead of one, the price is higher, but the convenience of being able to listen to them on the old players might be worth it for many. The list price for a CD set is $39, but I am selling each set for $25 or all four sets for $88.

Click here for my shopping page. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.


Colton said...

Can you still download them on the computer? And if so, would these new CD's work on just mp3's or are they iTunes compatible as well?

Bryan Davis said...

iTunes allows you to import normal CD's into a computer. I have not tried to use them on mp3 players other than an iPod, but I think there are many converters that will allow you to convert CD tracks to mp3.