Sunday, August 16, 2009

Do you want an author visit in your area?

I will soon be setting up my appearance schedule for the coming school year. If you want me to come to your school, homeschool group, church group, book club, writers' group, etc, here are the issues.

If I can get enough events in an area in which I can offer books for sale, I can come for free. That means I will need help from a local person so I can get contacts and events scheduled to make the journey worthwhile. If you want me to come, and you can help me get the contacts, we can work on it.

I will come to an area for one event if the event sponsor will provide travel expenses. I don't charge a speaking fee, but I would like the opportunity to sell books.

For a local event (western Tennessee or northern Mississippi), I will come and speak for free. Again, I would like the opportunity to sell books.

Click Here for an online brochure you can use in order to communicate what I do when I come to speak.

Any questions or comments? Post it here, or send me an email. My address is in the brochure.

It won't help much if you post a comment that just says, "Can you come to (fill in the blank)?" What I'm looking for is help in putting together the specific places and contacts to actually get a trip organized.

Thank you!


Hothir Ethelnor said...

I don't have a school group that you could come to but if you have an invitations in Michigan or northern Ohio you could stop by our home.

Even if you bring the whole family.

Bryan Davis said...

Hothir, I have been to Michigan and Ohio recently, but I would be glad to come again if I can get some group contacts.

Amazing Grace Resourec said...

We welcome you to visit us again at Amazing Grace in Mullica Hill, NJ. We are hosting a Pastor's wives
brunch in October. Your new book would be a great addition to that gathering. We also have friends who operate The Vine Christian Shoppe just across the bridge into
Pennsylvania and they may be interested in hosting a book event.
Would you be interested in tacking on a speaking engagement for aspiring writers and/or home school
groups? I am willing to secure 3 or 4 events in a weekend for you.
What is your focus when you speak
at churches?
Justine Greene
Amazing Grace Resource Center

Bryan Davis said...

Justine, thank you for the offer. I will contact you by email.

Joraiem said...

Can you come to Romania?

( Just Kidding) I am an MK in Romania and I read your books (they rock!)


Bryan Davis said...

Joraiem, that would be fun, but I don't think I can make it out that way anytime soon. I'm glad my books rock! :-)

Joraiem said...
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Joraiem said...

I am currently reading Bones of Makaidos and i am nearly done.

I was wondering why Thigocia is immune to the candlestone?

Sorry, I forgot...

Bryan Davis said...

Joraiem, Thigocia is a healer. Healers, including her and Ashley, aren't affected by the candlestone.

Joraiem said...

Alright, thanks a bunch Mr. Davis! (Sorry if I'm asking to many questions)

"The Bones of Makaidos" is the best book I've read that you've written! It is incredible! I'm really close to being finished!