Thursday, August 20, 2009

For those who grieve

How many times have you been to a funeral or heard about a death and had no idea what to say to the bereaved? It has happened to me more times than I can count. Try as I might, there really isn't much to say that can soothe such a deep ache or fill a hole in a soul that feels like a bottomless pit. In fact, I remember one instance when I said something that would surely win me the award for "Stupidest Comment Ever Uttered." I should have made a trophy for myself of a donkey wearing a dunce cap.

Because of my own journey with issues of death, grief, and emotional expression, I wrote I Know Why the Angels Dance. It's the story of a father who loves but doesn't know how to express his love, and when he is thrown into situations in which he has to be a comforting friend, he learns how far short his efforts come. Tragedy begets sorrow, and dealing with that sorrow in clumsy ways begets strife and turmoil. Then, the greatest tragedy of all strikes, and he is woefully unprepared.

Yet, there is a solace, a salve of comfort, and this father learns to find it in a way he never expected.

Because of this book, I now have a way to help the grieving. I will weep with those who weep and give them a copy of the book. It will be my way of letting them know that although I have no idea what to say, I truly want them to find the comfort that only the Lord Himself can provide. It is a quiet gift of surrender in that we are but those who can merely weep and cry out to the true comforter, the Holy Spirit of God.

In order to demonstrate my own desire to position this book as a gift, I am donating all royalties to charitable causes, including (at least for now) World Vision and Voice of the Martyrs. May God do what He will with this revenue stream.

You can pre-order the book from Amazon,, or from me at the links below.

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578408: I Know Why the Angels DanceI Know Why the Angels Dance

By Bryan Davis


Nathan R. Petrie said...

Awesome book! I really enjoyed it!

BTW, this is off topic a bit...did my review make it in in time?? lol

Take care!

Bryan Davis said...

Nathan, I won't know until I see the final. I turned them all in, including yours. It depends on what they have space for.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Cool...thanks for sending me the book!

Ellie said...

I know this is off topic, but did you base the line in Eye of the Oracle "Never doubt in the darkness what was revealed to you in the light" off a Bible verse? If so, which verse?

Bryan Davis said...

Ellie, it came from a sermon I heard about thirty years ago, but it has its basis in several passages. I pasted them all in a comment, but it didn't go through, so I don't want to look them all up again.

Here is one of the good ones.

2 Peter 1:19 So we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts.

Ellie said...

Okay, thanks! One of my friends was asking about that, and I was curious, too.

I'll be sure and let her know.

God bless!

Joraiem said...

I finished "The Bones of Makaidos" and I loved it. I really hope there is more... (another series!!)

Anonymous said...

i have a question did you get the image of the catiff from when nebuchadnezzar was made a beast of the field in daniel 4:28. just wondering


Bryan Davis said...

Joshua, I wasn't thinking of the Daniel passage. I just made them up out of my head.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend at my church that loves your books and he was wondering if there were going to be more in the series. Then my question is i have noticed a trend in the third and fourth books in both DIOM and OOF which is that creepy ladies show up in those books and if you do come out with a new series that ties in with DIOM and OOF is the new creepy lady going to be jezebel it was just a thought.


Bryan Davis said...

Joshua, I have no plans to include anyone like Jezebel, but I never know what's going to happen in my story until I write it.