Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New Cover for I Know Why the Angels Dance

I'm excited about this new cover for I Know Why the Angels Dance. If you would like to see a high-resolution image, Click Here. I am thinking about making posters for this cover. If you think you would buy one, let me know. That will help with my decision.

As I have mentioned before, this novel is not like any other I have written. It is contemporary fiction for adults, especially parents, and it is also suitable for teenagers. It is overtly spiritual, not a tale with hidden meanings or images that point to biblical truths, but rather a straightforward story of faith in Jesus Christ.

Also, I will be contributing all royalties to charitable causes. Right now my planned charities include World Vision and Voice of the Martyrs.

I attended a funeral over the weekend, and I wanted to give a copy of this book to the grieving family, but since it's not out yet, I couldn't. I'm looking forward to having plenty on hand to give away to those suffering in sorrow. Once you read the book, you might think about that, too. If you have one or two copies on hand to give to someone who has suffered a great loss, you will always be ready with a tangible blessing that will never be forgotten.
Here is the text from the back cover:

When the darkness of unspeakable tragedy collides with the infinite glory of heaven, what happens? What salve can heal the deepest of wounds when dawn breaks and the nightmare is real? What words can console a grieving father or mother when the blossom of the womb fades and falls? Images of hope, soft words that set the mind at ease, beautiful memories brought home by a beautiful story.

I Know Why the Angels Dance is a healing salve; it incites a cleansing catharsis; it serves as a holy image-maker, mending hearts and minds with glimpses of heaven’s glory. It opens spiritual eyes. We are all on a collision course with the unknown. Will it be a plunge into darkness or a passing from one existence into a brighter one?

Two fathers, one in the light and one in darkness, each face the reality of that passage, and both struggle to find and apply the healing balm. Yet, God uses the faith of a child to reach out to the downcast—the hand of an extraordinary girl leads them to the healing they long for.

The reality of death meets the hope of the ages, and the victory comes in the visions and songs of a little girl. After reading I Know Why the Angels Dance, you will cherish life and family like never before, and the passage everyone must make will no longer be a leap into darkness. It will be a step into glory.

New Reviews:
This book should be on every physician’s desk. It would help them gain a better understanding of emotional suffering and how they can go beyond merely performing the physical aspects of their job.—Scott VanLue, MD

You have struck the delicate balance between the assault on our physical senses when a beloved child dies and the promise we believe through our faith in Jesus Christ. Not only is it written with the grace of a poet, it poignantly strikes the chord that brings the heart to tears even while the spirit within us sings.—Rosemary Upton, author of The Court and the Kingdom and Glimpses of Grace

This novel is a masterful tale of sorrow and hope, sure to leave readers searching for love and healing that can only be fulfilled in Jesus. It is interwoven with genuine portrayals of Christians and non-Christians, their respective questions in life, and their bond as human beings living in a world paradoxically full of suffering and beauty. After reading this stirring book my heart knows why the angels dance, and I yearn to make them dance again and again. –Nicole Cragin

Incredible! I was immediately drawn into this book from the first page. The characters were so real that they became friends whom I fussed at or cheered. Tears freely flowed as I read the final pages! It encouraged and challenged me to remember that each believer’s life has a profound effect on the people around us. That God calls us to obedience even when we don’t understand what He is asking us to do, and in that obedience we can draw others to His throne of grace. –Ruth Vath

Truly remarkable. Never before have I been so convicted, overjoyed, and emotionally moved while reading a book. Through the point of view of a preteen brimming with love for God, Mr. Davis reveals the trials that come with hardship. This book raises the deep topics of how to express grief and joy in times of loss and how to share the Good News with others despite one's greatest fears. I Know Why the Angels Dance not only displays the sorrow that comes with loss but also shows the profound joy and abiding love that stretches far beyond this mortal world. –Jessica Sly

I Know Why the Angels Dance is available for pre-order from Bryan at this link: Click Here

You can also pre-order it from Amazon,, and many other online booksellers.

The book is scheduled to be out by the end of September.


Israle Surrnak said...

Wow, I would SO by the book, even if I did't know who you were, I can't wait for it to come out, It sounds great.


Katie G. said...

I really like the cover!

Galadriel said...

When will you mail the copies to winners of your last contest? I can't wait to curl up with IKWTAD!

Bryan Davis said...

Galadriel, I will mail them as soon as I get my copies, which should be late in the month.

Irishlace said...

This is the kind of artwork I love to put in our church library! This is a beautiful peace of book artwork. I hope you decide to print some posters. I would buy one!

B. D. Eastman said...

Brian you are so amazing and caring for others. God is truly blessing you for your compassion towards people.

Bryan Davis said...

Brock, to God be the glory.

Pam Halter said...

Thank you for writing a book on grieving that is godly and portrays God as He truly is. Not like The Shack ~ which many of my dear friends think is wonderful, God bless 'em. I don't rule out God using such things, but I can't help feeling He is more pleased when He is shown as He truly is.

I also think the poster idea is a good one, like Irishlace said, for church libraries and, I would add, Christian schools and Christian counseling offices (like Life Counseling Services.)