Friday, September 11, 2009

Price Decreases on Books and Audio Books

I have lowered the prices on several books and audio books at my shopping site (Click Here).

All audio books are $10 each in MP3 format and $20 each in CD format.

You can buy all four Dragons in our Midst audio books for $35 in MP3 format or $78 in CD format.

You can buy all four Oracles of Fire audio books for $35 in MP3 format (CD format available soon).

The Echoes from the Edge books are $10 each or $27 for the three-book set.

Spit and Polish for Husbands is only $3.

The Bones of Makaidos is still only $8, while supplies of the second printing last.

If you want a copy of the third printing of The Bones of Makaidos (which includes a short clarification of Bonnie's role as an Oracle of Fire as well as a clearer dragon family tree image), the use this link. The price is $13 for the new printing.

Here is the change I made. On page 345, the third to last paragraph now begins this way:

"The essence of such an Oracle is spiritual in nature. You will not create fire with your hands, yet fire will burn in your heart with far more boldness and passion than ever before. As an Oracle, you will look through portals to the hearts of those lost in shadows, you will feel the heavy sadness…"


Joraiem said...

About Bonnie, is she the kind of Oracle that can summon fire by saying "Ignite," and such, or is she just the kind that can see/sense emotions?

Do I have to by the third printing to find out...?

Bryan Davis said...

Joraiem, good question. I will edit the post to tell exactly what I added.

Joraiem said...

Ok, that helps!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clearing up that part about Bonnie. I was curious about it when I read the book.