Monday, September 28, 2009

A Simple Contest

From now until the end of October, anyone ordering I Know Why the Angels Dance from me will be entered into a drawing for a free copy of Starlighter when it comes out.

Here is the link for ordering: Click Here

If you ordered it from me and want to be included in the contest, post a comment here.

You might want to order multiple copies to have on hand as gifts to those who are grieving. After reading this book, you will understand its value for those who need spiritual comfort. As a reminder, I am donating all royalties to charitable causes.


Anonymous said...

Oh yay i might do it.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a little off topic i was wondering how much money you need for the funds for the raising dragons project i have some friends that are willing to help your ministry so if we could get a group together to help support you.

(p.s) do you live near gatlinburg tn because there is going to be a creation conference hosted by AIG so i was wondering if you were going to have a table there i really hope you do because me and family are going to be there.


Bryan Davis said...

Zacharia, I didn't know about the conference in Gatlinburg. When is it?

Feel free to email me about it, and we can talk about the movie funding. My address is bryan (at) dragonsinourmidst (dot) com.

Replace (at) with @ and (dot) with a period.

Anonymous said...

The conference is in july of 2010 i don't have all of the details but i will try to email them to you.


Zera said...

Would this count for a book bought possibly in person? :)

Bryan Davis said...

Zera, if it's before October 31, then yes.