Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dragons of Starlight Wallpaper for your Computer

Zondervan has created computer wallpapers for the Dragons of Starlight series. Here are two examples:

They have formatted the wallpapers for the desktop, the ipad, and mobile devices.

They are making all the wallpapers available exclusively to their members of the Z Street Team (their virtual teen advisory board). If you want access to them, you can join the Z Street Team today and get them.

To join the Z Street Team, you can visit this tab on their Good Teen Reads Facebook fanpage:

That tab will explain what the Z Street Team is, and you can join straight from there.

For Zondervan to know that you joined to get the Dragons of Starlight downloads, you should post a comment on that tab as well, in the comments section saying that I sent you to Zondervan. They will then send the wallpapers download link to the email address you use to sign up.

The benefit of joining the Z Street Team is that you will get early access to their teen books to review them (including Diviner, when it gets closer to release).


Our Family said...

Mr. Davis,
Do you know the exact date Song of the Ovulum will come out?! I can't wait for it to come out!!! Is there going to be a series after the Dragons of Starlight series?

Bryan Davis said...

The scheduled date is July 1. I don't know how close the actual date will be to that schedule.

Tales of Starlight is a companion series to Dragons of Starlight. The first book is Masters & Slayers. The second book, The Third Starlighter, is scheduled to come out later this year.

Our Family said...

Also, when are you going to make more 5 minute Writing Tip Videos? They are helping so much!
Thanks for everything you do!!!

Bryan Davis said...

I hope to continue the videos, but I have been too busy lately.