Friday, May 13, 2011

Warrior Error Update

In an earlier post - Click Here - I told you about an error in Warrior. I learned today that if you have the erroneous version of the book, you can email Zondervan to request a free corrected copy. You don't have to send your old copy in. Here is the email address


Adam said...

Email keeps coming back undeliverable when sent to that address.

Bryan Davis said...

Thank you, Adam. I'll look into it. This has been reported by others.

need2read said...

I, too, have tried to send my email and it has come back. I just tried on the company's website. I'll let you know if that works.

Bryan Davis said...

Thank you.

Thomas said...

I e-mailed, but they have not replied yet. Are they going to reply by email?

(BTW: Mr. Davis, could you delete my comment that I posted from Swiftstorm Tribe? Thanks)

Bryan Davis said...

Thomas, they told me they would reply to people. If you sent your name and shipping address, that's all they need. When I hear that they are shipping replacement books, I will post the news on the blog.

Jimmy Ingram said...

I didn't buy my copy from Zondervan, I bought it from a local Mardel Christian store. Does it matter where I bought it from?

Bryan Davis said...

Jimmy, it doesn't matter where you bought it. You can request a new copy from Zondervan.

Fringescience said...

I emailed Zondervan *and included the two links on your blog about the error and Zondervan's replacement offer* on 9/23 and on 9/28 I got a reply back

"Thank you for contacting Zondervan.

Zondervan is currently out of stock of the book Warrior, but will send you a replacement as soon as it is available.

Thank you

Zondervan Customer Care"

Then on 10/18 I received an email saying
"Thank you for contacting Zondervan.

The replacement copies for the book Warrior have now arrived. You should receive your 2 replacements next week.

Thank you

Zondervan Customer Care"

*I previously bought two copies and one is a gift for a family member for Christmas*

ANYWAY they came together yesterday in a cardboard box and I checked p129 and they both have included the missing paragraph.

just thought you might like to know.

Bryan Davis said...

Thank you for letting me know.