Monday, July 30, 2012

Two New Books Now in Stock at

From the Mouth of Elijah, the second book in the Children of the Bard series, is now showing "In Stock" at Click here to go to the web page.

Liberator, the fourth book in the Dragons of Starlight series, is also "In Stock" at Click here to go to the web page.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Davis, I was reading your Facebook page and I saw your post about your wife's editing services. I find the timing of this quite coincidental as I am currently self-publishing my first novel (a Christian teen fantasy) and the publishing house has just recommended their highest level of editing to me. It is quite costly, though, and being a teenager, the price is a problem.
Back to your post: I checked out your wife's blog, and I was wondering if you could ask her a question for me. What exactly does the line-by-line editing cover? She mentioned issues unique to fiction such as motivation, contrivances, etc. Could you (or her) clarify that for me? How in-depth does she go, in terms of plot, pacing, character, etc?
Thanks for taking the time to read my long comment!

Bryan Davis said...

Her line edits include edits and suggested changes for lines of text, not for story structure and character development. She is willing to comment on those issues, but she will not do a macro (big picture) edit.

In other words, she is willing to make a comment like, "the pacing is too slow here," or "this character's motivation is weak," but she won't offer solutions to those problems. A macro editor or story consultant does that.

You could request the sample 25-page edit for $50 and see if you like what she does.

Anonymous said...

Okay, thanks for letting me know.
I still have some things to fix up myself in my manuscript, but once I finish, I think I'll try her sample edit.