Wednesday, August 01, 2012

From the Mouth of Elijah for the Kindle

From the Mouth of Elijah is now available for the Amazon Kindle.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I am doing my annual reading of DIOM, OOF, and COTB, and I had a question. I am in the middle of The Candlestone, and Dr. Conner has a conversation with someone in a dark, damp place. I am thinking he is talking in the Omega exit cave to Hartanna, but the speaker doesn't seem quite Hartannaish. And Bonnie is reffered to as 'Irene's daughter.' It also didn't seem like he was talking to Devin though because later on he reports to Devin the Bonnie has arrived, and he mentioned it to the other speaker too. Who is it?

Also, I noticed that the hospital Billy is at in the end of Raising Dragons is called the Davis Memorial Hospital... :)

Bryan Davis said...

He was speaking to Hartanna. He referred to Bonnie as Irene's daughter, because he no longer considered Hartanna to be Irene.

The real name of the hospital in Elkins, WV, is Davis Memorial.