Friday, March 08, 2013

February Book Giveaway Winner

The winner of the February Book Giveaway Contest is Nichole Dixon. She chose Masters & Slayers for her free book. Congratulations Nichole!

The contest continues each month throughout the year, so if you didn't win in January or February, you have ten more opportunities. Remember, if your name was in the drawing for January or February, it is already in March's drawing. You can increase your number of entries in March's drawing by again posting the links on your Facebook page or blog sometime during the month of March and letting me know by email that you did so.

You can also again use the other methods of gaining entries mentioned in the rules -


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Anonymous said...

Congrats, Nichole! Good choice of book. I'm reading it for the first time and... It. Is. Amazing. :)

Shiloh said...

Thank you :) I already bought all of the DIOM, OOF and COB books (and my parents got me Amanda's books for my birthday which is, coincidently, if February!) So I decided to "venture out" and try a new series!
~Nichole :)

Anonymous said...

Well, enjoy the adventure! I know I am.
And happy late birthday! :)