Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Prepare for Exodus Rising

Many readers of my books have yet to try my Tales of Starlight series. I think they're missing out on some of my best stories, especially if they like a bit of wholesome romance mixed in with the daring adventures.

In order to make ready for the release of book #3 in the series, Exodus Rising, I am offering the first two books for only $18 for the combo. That's five dollars off retail for each book.

Buy them now, and you'll have time to read them in time for the release of Exodus Rising. Here is the purchase link -

You can also pre-order Exodus Rising from me here -

 Even those who have read the Dragons of Starlight books, including Liberator, do not yet know the rest of the story. Exodus Rising reveals several mysteries that the Dragons of Starlight series never explained. Where will the dragons get pheterone after the final battle? What happened to the disembodied spirits in Alaph's castle? What horrific danger did Jason and Elyssa meet when they returned to their home world? And much more.

If you want to enjoy both series, here is my recommended reading order:

1. Starlighter (Dragons of Starlight book #1)
2. Masters & Slayers (Tales of Starlight book #1)
3. Warrior (Dragons of Starlight book #2)
4. Third Starlighter (Tales of Starlight book #2)
5. Diviner (Dragons of Starlight book #3)
6. Liberator (Dragons of Starlight book #4)
7. Exodus Rising (Tales of Starlight book #3)

You may switch the reading order for entries 1 and 2 without any problem, and you may also switch the order for entries 4 and 5.

This is the final book in this story world, so don't miss out on how the entire adventure comes to a close.


Taisia TinĂºviel said...

YAY!!!! :D *flails* Can't wait!

Emily said...

Are you going to publish the next Children of the Bard book soon? Or is there another one? I love your books about Bonnie and Billy and everyone! ;)

Bryan Davis said...

Not real soon. Book #3 in Children of the Bard has been delayed, most likely until early in 2014.

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO! I haven't read Third Starlighter yet, but I can't wait to get my hands on Exodus Rising!
Wait...Children of the Bard #3 is only coming in 2014? :( Aw, so long to wait. Oh well, I'll have to content myself with the rest of the Tales of Starlight series.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Project R will be coming out soon. Say...this year?

Bryan Davis said...

I don't have a guess for Project R. I don't have a publishing contract for it yet.

Heidi Ormiston said...

Can't wait to read this one! I really enjoyed Dragons of Starlight and I am looking forward to how the adventure continues. :)

Bryan Davis said...

Heidi, I hope you enjoy it.