Thursday, June 02, 2005

Embracing Change - Part 2

I mentioned a couple of months ago that quite a few changes were on the horizon. I guess it's time to let you know some of them. After over eleven years of living in our Apopka FL, home, we will be moving to Winter Park, FL. Moving will be especially traumatic for our three youngest, two of whom have never lived anywhere else. We will rent a house for one year while we decide where to live on a more permanent basis.

Also, three of our offspring will be moving away from home during the next three months. Our oldest two, James and Josiah, are seeking an apartment to share. In August, Arianna, our oldest daughter, will be moving to Hillsdale, Michigan, where she will go to college.

Caleb, our fourth-born, plans to play for the Winter Park High School orchestra. He will still be homeschooled, but he will be able to try out for the group anyway. We're confident he'll have no trouble getting in.

I also expect to make an announcement regarding future publishing opportunities that might mean some more changes are on the horizon. We'll see.

Please pray for us as we face the coming days of change and adjustment, especially for our children as we uproot them and try to resettle them in a new world.

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