Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Settling In

First of all, if anyone has tried to e-mail me at my dragonsinourmidst.com address, and it didn't go through, please try again. During my move, I had to change web servers, so I lost e-mail contact for a few days.

We are now in Winter Park and adjusting to life here. I'm trying to finish book #4 in the series, so this message will be short, and further additions to the blog will be sporadic. I also have some kind of flu today, so I'm not functioning well.

If you are so inclined, please pray for me. I would appreciate it very much.


Becky said...


I didn't realize you were blogging. You need to broadcast this some. Maybe after you finish Tears.

Interesting discussion about HP.

Becky said...

YIKES! I meant to add--hope and pray you're feeling much better.

Clefspeare said...

Obviously, I'm not blogging consistently. Also, I'm not sure how to broadcast it.

I am feeling better. I had a weird body-ache flu for two days. Felt like a tackling dummy after two-a-days in the NFL. Everything ached, especially my legs.

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