Thursday, June 09, 2005

Storms of Life

Can you believe it? A new tropical storm has developed, and, at the very least, it will bring us heavy rain here in Central Florida. The state was hit by five tropical systems last year, and now we're getting a sideswipe by another one less than two weeks into the season. Storms in Florida are becoming so common, when we see one on satellite pictures, we can almost bank on it coming to the Sunshine State.

Arlene isn't likely to devastate hundreds or thousands of homes as did our murderers row of Bonnie, Charley, Frances, Jeanne, and Ivan last year, but she will be a reminder of what we suffered and survived. And we did much better than some. The people of Haiti were swamped by Jeanne. Thousands died and many more were left homeless.

Will Arlene's winds bring in a rush of anxiety? Maybe. The stores will likely be packed again with jittery people buying plywood, generators, and flashlight batteries. But will our society turn and trust God for protection and comfort? Not likely. Call me a pessimist, but I think it will take much more than weather events to bring our nation to its knees.

As a nation, we murder babies and pay for it with our taxes. We sanction sexual perversion and teach it in our government schools. We wink at rampant fornication and adultery, even laughing at comical portrayals of sin on television, calling it entertainment. We dress our little girls like harlots, or at least allow them to dress that way, teaching them that its cool to strut their stuff, even in church. And when we protest, we are called Puritanical, old-fashioned, behind-the-times, or legalists ... even in church.

What will bring a change? I shudder to think of the storms that will eventually break the will of our stiff-necked people. Will it be financial collapse? A dictatorial takeover? Widespread famine or disease? I don't know what these storms will be named. But I dare say that they will come. We can bank on it.

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