Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Desk Jungle

My desk is a jungle. I have heard that I'm not the only one with this problem, but it seems that all sorts of paper products and other items grow in haphazard piles on my desk. Every time I clear it (about twice a year), I vow that it will never happen again, but somehow the clutter reappears.

Actually, I know how it happens. Gremlins come into my office at night, rifle through my files, and scatter whatever they find all over my desk. Really! There can be no other explanation for the randomness of what I find.

I see a bottle of vitamins, a post office receipt, a camera, a remote control for something, a pile of blank CD's, a stack of business cards collected at conferences, scattered scraps of paper with phone numbers on them (I don't know whose numbers they are), bank receipts, an apologetics book, a clipped-out magazine article, two Beanie Baby dragons, an old shopping list, letters I have to answer, letters I have already answered, a coffee cup (though I don't drink coffee), two open water bottles, a plastic spider, a pile of bookmarks, a checkbook, a bookstore gift card, a drawing of a dragon, two classical music CD's, a printout of a fellow writer's manuscript, two family magazines, and the list could go on and on.

It must be gremlins! Who in their right mind would put together a collection like that?

Okay ... maybe I'm not in my right mind. I'll clear it once again, and this time ... this time I'm going to mount a camera to catch those gremlins at work!


BeckyJoie said...

My desk was just cleaned last week and is beginning to get those piles of papers on it again. I guess I'd better get to work before it becomes a jungle.

Galactic Overlord-In-Chief said...

And whatever you do, don't feed the Gremlins after midnight.

M. C. Pearson said... book has Gremlins. Nasty creatures!

Julius Scipio said...

Lol, Gremlins?
You're not supposed to feed them after midnight? Snap. No wonder they grew so big and exploded....

flair said...

My desk is a mess, too =D

CDs, CD cases, DVDs, books, papers, pens, water bottle, various video game cartriges . . . lol

Gabe said...

lol, my dad and i are totally like that. :D