Friday, September 01, 2006

Tennessee--Home of the Friendly

We've been working on our new home in western Tennessee (moving there in May, 2007), and as we go to various businesses in the area, we can't help but be overwhelmed at the friendliness of the people here. Yesterday, my wife called a business to ask for directions. On the way, we stopped for lunch. When we finally arrived at the business, the lady who had given us directions gushed that she had been so worried about us. She gave my wife a hug and said she was so glad we made it safely.

It seems that everyone waves to each other, and general courtesy is beyond the norm. I think I'm going to like it here.


desertfriend said...

Dear Bryan, I love Tenn. and plan to go there in 3 weeks (Memphis, that is) I have been going there for many years and I love the people there and the way we can see how beautiful God paints the sky and the trees. It is beautiful there and I have some relatives there and the catfish is good too! ha ha later, friend, God bless

BeckyJoie said...

OOH, you can't leave sunny Florida. Just kidding. We'll miss you here in Florida but hope you enjoy Tennesee. I've been there a few times and you're right about the friendly people. I found myself talking for ten extra minutes to a friendly ice cream store clerk. (I think it was at a Dairy Queen.) Anyway, may the Lord bless your writing and family no matter where you live! It was my priviledge to meet you at our writer's group that you visited and I know that other Christian writers and fans will be blessed to meet you in Tennessee as well.

pam halter said...

We have a time-share in Williamsburg, VA. We live in NJ. It's amazing to us everytime how different the people are down south and many times we find ourselves wishing we lived there. :) But circumstances make it impossible right now.

Hey, Bryan, I was in your class on writing fantasy at the Philly conference and remember when you talked about the part in TLOTR where you believed Sauron was tempting Aragorn? I was watching it AGAIN last night and I noticed Sauron not only whispers his name, but after a bit of elvish, he also calls Aragorn by his elvish name, Elessar, and I was thinking Sauron was probably offering Aragron Arwen's life. What do you think?