Thursday, August 31, 2006


I spent most of the day driving yesterday. Staring at the road always gives me time to think, so I came up with some good story ideas for future books. The three best environments for ideas, for me, are: jogging, driving, and taking a shower. Something about these activities stimulates my brain. Maybe it's the solitude or fact that my brain has nothing else to think about. I'm not sure.

Anyone want to chime in? Where do you get your best writing ideas?


Julius Scipio said...

I get ideas when I do sprints and stuff too.

Of course, I get them nonstop, but most of my best take form their.

~ Hastati of Doom (not:D )

pam halter said...

Taking a walk, a shower or running the vacuum cleaner ... all these things have something in common. They allow the critic side of the brain to rest, which wakes up the creative side. It's an interesting study, learning how we write with both sides of the brain. I took a workshop on it years ago at the Sandy Cove conference. When we are concentrating on the job at hand, we actually cause the part of the brain that dreams to activate.

I saw a book called "Writing on Both Sides of the Brain" at the Philly conference, but can't remember who wrote it. I think it's about this very thing.